10 Little Ninjas













10 Little Ninjas

by Miranda Paul, illustrated by Nate Wragg
Alfred A. Knopf, 2016

A counting book, a playful rhyme, a new imaginative scene on every page, a few new words introduced, bright colors, parents who love their children and fun on every page—a recipe for a perfectly fun read!

Ten children sneak out of bed for a little fun.  First they pretend they are ninjas, then they take a trip in outer space as astronauts, then they race around the track and one by one the children begin to return to bed—sort of.  Action lives on every page until all the children are finally in bed and asleep.  With 10 lively imaginations, every reader is bound to find their favorite dream in the book.

Illustrator Nate Wragg dramatized Miranda Paul’s perfectly rhymed story into a perfect read aloud.

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