The Fox Wish












The Fox Wish
by Kimiko Aman, illustrated by Komako Sakai
Chronicle Books, 2017
Originally published in Japan

This favorite story originally published in Japan, delights the imagination and tickles the heart. A ‘what if’ story in a world where children and animals understand each other.

A young girl and her toddler brother forget their jump rope at the park. When they return to find it, their jump rope isn’t where they left it.  When they hear laughter, they follow it and come upon a pack of young foxes jumping with their rope.  The foxes jumped well, but their tails got in their way and they kept falling.  While the young girl knew it was not polite to laugh, the toddler giggled.  The foxes heard them and the two came out of hiding. Soon they were all jumping.  But who would take the jump rope home?  Roxie, who left it at the park, or Roxy who found it?  Enjoy the emotions shared in this imaginary encounter with a pack of playful foxes.  The soothing and almost whimsical illustrations rendered in acrylic gouache, oil pencil and ballpoint pen capture the foxes’ personified emotions.  A story and art for the heart.

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