A Moon of My Own











A Moon of My Own

By Jennifer Rustgi, illustrated by Ashley White
Dawn Publications, 2016

The childhood belief that ‘the moon is following me’ combines with geographic locations across the globe in a delightful story of a young girl who lovingly speaks to the moon that follows her on her many adventures.  She converses with the moon, and shares, “I never tell you where I’m going, but somehow you always find me.”

In the night skies and against the white moon, the illustrator uses silhouettes of key geographic locations.  Each location gives enough clues for adults to know (most of) the locations.  Readers will want to pull out a globe, map or encyclopedia to identify each location and learn more. The illustrator even manages to show us the moon from underwater, while showing the Great Barrier Reef in the Pacific Ocean near Australia.

Fortunately, each of the locations is named and introduced in the back matter.  Moon facts, Moon Phases and Modeling the Moon are also explored, with references given to other resources. Adults will enjoy this book as much as kids.

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