A Small Thing…but Big












A Small Thing…but Big
By Tony Johnston, illustrated by Hadley Hooper
Neal Porter Book, 2016

A young toddler goes to the park where she meets a dog and an old man.  Afraid, she asks if the dog will bark.  Assured she wouldn’t, Lizzie asked, does she bite?  She gives Cecile a pat, which the dog seemed to enjoy.  The man invites her to go for a walk with Cecile.  Lizzie hangs on to the leash.  Told the dog walks springingly, Lizzie walks springingly, too.  The man asks Lizzie if she’d like to hold the leash and soon she walks the dog with the man nearby.  After another loop, the man ventures that Lizzie can walk the dog by herself.  The man and Lizzie’s mom watch Lizzie walk the dog by herself.  A small thing, but big.

A delightful story capturing a toddler’s fear of a new experience.  The illustrations capture the girl’s innocence and bravery as she explores her world.

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