ABRACADABRA! The Magic of Trying












ABRACADABRA! The Magic of Trying   
by Maria Loretta Giraldo, illustrated by Nicoletta Bertelle
Magination Press, 2018
Originally published in Italy.

Little Owl is the last bird in his class to try to fly.  He’s too afraid!  When Mrs. Pigeon encourages him to fly, he insists he doesn’t want to fly.  Turtle passes by and asks why he isn’t flying like the others and Little Owl admits he’s too afraid of falling.  Turtle gives him the magic word, ABRACADABRA! and insists Little Owl can fly. But Owl fell. Mouse, then Hedgehog also encourage him. With all their reassurance, Little Owl tries one more time, follows all their suggestions, and flies. When he flies over a pond and discovers a Little Frog who is afraid to make his big jump out of the pond, Little Owl gives him the magic word and encouragement until Little Frog jumps out.

Striking colors in loose designs on white backgrounds calm young ones and invite them to apply the story to their situation.  Includes notes for parents to help their child overcome a fear.

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