Andy, That’s My Name

Andy, That’s My Name
by Tomie DePaola
Prentice-Hall Books for Young Readers, 1973

This small book about a small boy making his way through life has lasted the years for it speaks to one of the common coming-of-age experiences, standing up for yourself.

Andy, a young toddler, pulls a wagon containing the letters of his name.  Older kids, a bit bored at that moment, spot the letters and, ignoring Andy, begin removing the letters from his wagon to make new words with their letters.  Andy asks for his name back, but the group refuses and they begin to make new, longer words.  Andy watches nearby, and tries to capture his letters as the others toss them aside.  The kids rudely take his ‘y’.  Andy tries to pull his letter back as the older kids crawl on top of the new words they made.  Finally Andy has had it and announces he is going home.  “I may be little,” he says, “but… I’m very important!”  And he returns home to enjoy his name letters.  So simply told.  So powerful for the very youngest.

Andy is written and illustrated by award-winning artist Tomie DePaola,

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