Bear and Hare, Where’s Bear?












Bear and Hare, Where’s Bear?
by Emily Gravett
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2014

Bear and Hare play hide and seek, but bear isn’t so good at the hiding part, and Hare is great at the finding part.  So Hare hides.  But bear isn’t so good at the seeking part either and, looking for Hare, he crawls under a blanket.  Readers can see it’s the same blanket under which Hare is hiding.  Neither Bear nor Hare knows the other is also under the same blanket.  Humor the youngest can shout out warning the characters.  Find out how Bear and Hare finally find each other.  This book has thick, heavy pages great to feel and hold up to a young one’s turning.  The extra bonus to Bear & Hare is that Hare counts to ten three times, introducing the youngest to numbers and counting.

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