by Jennifer Sattler
Sleeping Bear Press, 2018

This book does an amazing job of showing exactly what bullies get when they bully.

As each loveable, innocent creature comes by to enjoy the water lilies in the pond, Bully declares the lilies are his and sends them away.  Soon he is alone.  Enjoying the lilies all for himself, he makes a crown, eats them (getting a tummy ache) and sleeps on a new pile each night until there is only one lily left.  He declares it “Mine!” and sits on it.  About then, a little bee has an idea.  He shares his idea with all the creatures sent away.  They, too, want the lilies to return, and they return together to chase the bully away.

You’ll have to read the story to see exactly what the bully gets for being a bully.  A delightful read, simply told so even the very youngest readers will get the message and have fun laughing, too.

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