by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Neal Porter, Roaring Brook Press, 2013

Bully’s can make mistakes, and the red bull in Bully did.  Because someone bullied him, he was mad and took it out and bullied someone else.  And someone else.  And someone else and in each scene the bull grew bigger and bigger, scarier and scarier.  Until finally someone saw through the veneer (pain) and called the red bull a bully.  Having someone call him a bully turned the red bull upside down and inside out and took out all his (anger).  He didn’t like what he felt, bullying others around.  But by then he had returned to his regular size.  Re-thinking what he wanted, he kindly asked the ones he had just bullied, “Do you want to play?”  All forgiven and forgotten, they wandered off together, friends.

This is a bully book toddlers can understand.  Simple.

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