Can I Be Your Dog?

Can I Be Your Dog?
by Troy Cummings
Random House, 2018

ARFY, a mutt living in a box near Butternut Streets, sends a letter to each home/business on the street asking if he can be their dog. He cleverly targets each letter specifically to the family/business inside.  At the yellow house, he shares he is potty trained, has his own squeaky bone and is willing to work with them on their pet cat.  At the fire station, he offers to fetch boots and claims he knows his way around all the fire hydrants.  Desperate, he even tries the dump, but is told to get lost.

Then, one morning, he wakes up with a letter addressed to him!  Who could it be from?  A great surprise ending.

The story completely tugs at the reader’s heart, as ARFY tries so hard to find himself a home.

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