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Edgar’s Second Word

by Audrey Vernick,, illustrated by Priscilla Buirris
Clarion Books, 2014

A warm, snuggly story that celebrates reading.

Waiting for her baby brother to arrive, Hazel plans to read her favorite books to him, like she does for her stuffed bunny, Rodrigo.  But when Edgar does arrive, reading to him is about the same as reading to Rodrigo.  Hazel watches mom fill in Edgar’s baby book with his ‘firsts’, and they both wonder what his first word will be.  Then his first word arrives and it is “No!”  He cries ‘No!’ where ever they go and it is sometimes quite embarrassing.  Then, one day while Hazel is reading Edgar a book, he says his second word and Hazel knows she loves her brother.

Illustrations are clear, happy and perfect, showing the joy of life.  Readers see intimacy close up when Edgar touches Hazel’s nose as she’s reading a story and when Hazel reads to Edgar, pink cheeks and all.

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