Everyone is Yawning












Everyone is Yawning
by Anita Bijsterbosch
Clavis, 2016
Originally published in Belgium/ the Netherlands.

A perfect bedtime story for the youngest readers, this book makes everyone yawn!

On each page is an animal who is tired.  On the first page, a large kitten smiles at the reader.  When the words say, “Look, the kitten is yawning,” the reader lifts the flap on the kitten’s face and sees the kitten yawn.  And so it goes with a raccoon, hippo, crocodile and more. The story ends with a pile of sleeping animals, including the child. Featuring scary animals, like a snake, and introducing new animals, like an artic fox, Everyone is Yawning and its yawning flaps, will entertain young ones for hours—or at least until they fall asleep.

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