How to Catch a Mouse

CatchaMouseHow to Catch a Mouse
By Philippa Leathers
Candlewick Press, 2015

A delightful story where the words tell one story and the illustrations tell quite another.  Perfect for toddlers who like to point out the incongruencies.

Clemmie believes herself to be a fearsome mouse catcher.  She’s an excellent stalker, she’s patient and alert, and she knows everything about catching a mouse.  She is so fearsome, she believes, “All the mice are afraid of me.”  She checks her house, and finds not a mouse until she hears a noise in the kitchen.  She finds a creature wearing disguises.  She discovers a mouse!  Too late, it gets away.  But, she just learned one trick that just might help her catch that mouse, which you’ll have to read the story to discover.

The illustrations are simple, clean and show the mouse watching Clemmie in all her moves.  Chuckles on every page.

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