How to Cheer Up Dad













How to Cheer Up Dad

Fred Koehler
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2014

How to Cheer Up Dad is a laugh-out-loud book—for parents and kids alike!

Little Jumbo is close to his dad and senses Dad is having a bad day, as Little Jumbo walks out of the kitchen dressed in cereal boxes, leaving behind a pile of cereal splayed across the floor. Innocent of his contribution to dad’s mood, Little Jumbo claims that, “Dad forgot that [he] did not like wearing his brown overalls”, when he dashes into the street wearing only his birthday suit.  Trying to cheer up his dad, Little Jumbo starts with a hug.  After he reads his dad a bedtime story and tucks him in to sleep, he wonders ‘how much cheering up he’ll need tomorrow…’, as he dashes out the room in a cape and mask cut from a window curtain.

Author/illustrator Fred Koehler absolutely captures the emotions—and irony—of the dance between father and son. A must read for father and toddler son.

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