In This Book

In This Book
By Frani Marceau, illustrated by Joelle Jolivet
Chronicle Books, 2014

After hearing many good things about artist Joelle Jolivet, I looked up In This Book and discovered a concept book introducing the word “in”!   It contains 59 pages (much longer than America’s standard format of 32 pages) of big, beautiful colors.  Produced in an extra-large format, the book immerses a child in many large and small as well as common and unusual examples of “in”.

Familiar examples include, “I am in the nest, said the bird,” and “I am in the dark, said the child.”  An exciting—to a child—example includes, “I am in the hand, said the ladybug.” The book can gently open conservations with the child about things in their world including, “I am in the ground, said the seed,” and “I am in space, said the planet.”   A delightful book, rich with colors, new words, and concepts that stretch the imagination.

Young readers will enjoy the simple art of Joelle Jolivet, a best-selling illustrator who has exhibited all over the world.

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