Kuma-Kuma Chan, The Little Bear












Kuma-Kuma Chan, The Little Bear

By Kazue Takahashi
Museyon, 2015
Translated from Japan

This quiet story of a quiet bear is done in quiet colors in a small format for tiny readers.  The perfect quiet story for preschoolers.

After introducing readers to Kum-Kum Chan, the narrator wonders what the little bear does during his day, so we follow the bear.  From waking up, to eating a breakfast of tomatoes and lettuce from his garden, to tidying up the house.  We follow Kum-Kum Chan as he contemplates clouds passing by, as he dances to raindrops, and as he rolls across the room to stay in the sunlight.  He does many things a preschooler may do to enjoy his surroundings.   Its simplicity and charm pull in the reader.  Completing Kum-Kum Chan’s day in bed, it makes a quiet bedtime story.

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