Little Excavator












Little Excavator
by Anna Dewdney
Viking, 2017

Written in rhyme, big rigs drive through town to a new project they’ll undertake:

Here come the BIG RIGS,
rolling down the street.
Thumpa-thumpa bumpa-bumpa

Little Excavator is brought along, for his special job. The dozer knocks down walls, but when Little Excavator tries, he falls.  Loader lifts trash into a truck, but when Little Excavator tries, he falls.  No matter how hard he tries, he just isn’t big enough to help.  The Big Rig tell him when he grows up he can help.  But for the last part of the project, all the Big Rigs are just too big, and Little Excavator gets to shine.

A fun read, lots of rhyme and onomatopoeias makes this an interactive book where the youngest can ‘read’ all the sounds!

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