Lucy and the String

Lucy and the String
by Vanessa Roeder
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2018

Illustrated in black and white drawings, with generous splashes of red string woven in, we meet a curious and clever Lucy.  A seamstress, she sees a string on the ground and, of course, pulls it.  And pulls it until she finds Hank—with a bear’s bare bottom—at the end of it.  Hank’s not so happy.  Lucy tries to cheer him up and cover him up, but he’s not impressed.  After many attempts she finds something that Hank likes, but when she cuts the string, to cut him loose, something even worse happens.  Find out how this friendship story, with a lot of loose ends, is sewn up.

Lucy and the String is written in a playful, poetic voice.  The author/illustrator knows just how to keep the tension and mystery going through the entire drama.

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