Mitchell’s License

Mitchell’s License
By Hallie Durand, illustrated by Tony Fucile
Candlewick Press, 2011

Mitchell’s dad issues him a “Remote-Control Dad Driver’s License” and the fun begins!

Mitchell’s License is an original story featuring an endearing father-son relationship.  Three-year old Mitchell never ever EVER wanted to go to bed, until his dad issued him a “Remote-Control Dad Driver’s License”.  Like any good driver, he checked out his vehicle, inspecting the tires (dad’s slippers) and engine (dad’s belly under his shirt).  Then he hopped onto the driver’s seat (dad’s shoulders) and sped through the house.  He turned to the left (pulling the left ear), to the right (pulling the right ear) and honked the horn (dad’s nose) when needed.  And sometimes he went too fast and Mitchell crashed his dad into the wall!  When Mitchell determined his vehicle needed gas he drove up to the gas station (cookie jar), but the car refused. Mitchell cried, “this is an emergency” and turned on his hazards (flash light), but to no avail.  The car dropped him into bed, where Mitchell happily dreamt of fueling up at his local cookie jar gas station!  The story is full of humor and imaginative action.

Check more reviews on Amazon.  Review originally published in San Francisco Book Review. 

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