My Thumb












My Thumb

by Karen Hesse, illustrated by Rich Deas
Feiwel and Friends, 2016

Written by Newbery Award winning author Karen Hesse, this story covers the many, many ways a young girl loves her thumb—and it’s all in rhyme!  Delightful to the ear it shares positive and affirming words for any young readers who love their thumb.

I love my thumb.  I truly do.
It tastes of pears and carrot stew.
It’s like a hug, an “I love you.”

Of course, loving her thumb as much as she does, she sometimes finds it difficult to do certain things, like run, play music or eat gum.  But she knows she’d feel glum without it and accepts any limitations.  It ends with all the positive attributes the thumb provides her.

This book is perfect for both child who enjoy their thumbs and parents who think thumb-sucking should go away.  It reassures the child that thumbs are good and reminds the parent that the thumb means something to the child and they are not yet ready to depart from that bit of reassurance or nurturing that they receive.

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