Prickly Jenny

Prickly Jenny
by Sibylle Delacroix
Owlkids Books, 2015
Originally published in France.

Jenny is having a ‘prickly’ day where nothing is going right. She’s grumpy at breakfast and “doesn’t say good morning because, really, what’s so good about it?”  On a day trip to the fair with her dad, she grumbles and drags her feet.  And naptime is for babies!  She says, “Leave me alone!”, but cries when her mom goes away.  She just doesn’t know what she wants.  She is all out of sorts.  The truth is, she just wants to be loved.  Prickly Jenny will remind youngsters, that “tomorrow, when she’s bigger, it will get better.”

If you have a Prickly Jenny or Jack, they may relate to having a prickly day and identify with the story.  But watch out, your child may bring this book to you when you’re feeling prickly!

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