Reach for the Moon, Little Lion









Reach for the Moon, Little Lion

by Hildegard Muller
Holiday House, 2017
Originally published in Germany

Hippopotamus, Leopard and Crocodile badger Lion for being so little.  They poke fun at him and claim if he were a real lion, his paw could touch the moon.  Feeling smaller than he already is, he climbs onto a hill and stares at the moon.  Raven comes along and asks, “What’s the matter?”  Little Lion says, “I want to be big.”  Raven questions him further about why he wants to be big, and has an idea.  Raven calls all the animals to the hill the next night.  Find out how Little Lion quieted Leopard, Hippopotamus and Crocodile.

The story and illustrations, using a Cintiq and Pen Display, are endearing.  The story also includes many other animals the children will love to identify.  An empowering story for little ones.

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