Rock What Ya Got

Rock What Ya Got
by Samantha Berger, illustrated by Kerascoet
Little, Brown and Company

I’m usually not a huge fan of obvious “love” type books, but this one was fun!  It opens with, “Once upon a blank piece of paper, where anything could happen…” and wraps into a ‘fairy tale’ the anticipation of wonder.  Then we meet Viva, a girl an artist had sketched.  The artist is not happy with what she drew, so she attempts to change the drawing, but Viva keeps saying, “Rock what ya got and rock it a lot…..”.  The bouncy rhyme repeats itself, allowing readers to eventually ‘sing along’ with Viva.

With loose, color-splashy illustrations we watch Viva’s emotions of dislike and joy and we dance/sing at the turn of each page.  A book readers may want to dance and sing out loud!  Delightful to the heart.

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