The Christmas Boot













The Christmas Boot

by Lisa Wheeler, illustrated by Jerry Pinkney
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2016

A fresh tale of an old woman who lives alone in her ramshackle cabin in the snow-covered forest.  While collecting firewood, she spots a black boot.  She pulls it over her rag-wrapped foot.  Though grateful, she wishes she had its mate, and in the morning it appears!  Happy, she comments that if she had warm mittens, “I would be the happiest woman in the world,” and red mittens appear.  Amazed, she wonders if the boot will give her a big fancy house and when she returns that day, one appears. She later opens her door to a man in a red suit with one boot.  She returns the boot.  He leaves behind boots and mittens and when she goes to bed, she discovers her heart’s desire, ‘someone to talk to.’  Beautifully illustrated in pencil and watercolors, this Santa tale will capture young hearts for Christmas.

Lisa Wheeler and Jerry Pinkney teamed up for a delightful, snuggle-under-the-blanket read and pure enjoyment.

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