The Day I Ran Away












The Day I Ran Away
by Holly L. Niner, illustrated by Isabella Ongaro
Flash Light Press, 2017

At bedtime, Gloria tells her Daddy her story of why and how she ran away that day.  She ‘had’ to run away because her purple shirt was dirty and she had to wear a white one and her favorite cereal was all gone.  Serious matters for the very youngest.  When she threw a temper tantum, she ended up in her room on time out. When she colored her white shirt purple, mom was furious and that’s when she decided to run away. When she announced she was leaving, her mom packed her a lunch. But when she got to the street, she remembered she was not allowed to cross it.  Fortunately, her mom had an idea.

This cleverly told story truly captures a little one’s thoughts. On each spread, illustrator Isabella Ongaro shows a patient father listening to his daughter’s woes and a loving mother setting limits while at the same time guiding her daughter towards resolutions.

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