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The Monkey and the Bee
by C. P. Bloom, illustrated by Peter Raymundo
Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2015

Written with only twelve different words and illustrated with plenty of bold action-filled characters, The Monkey and the Bee tells a friendship story brimming with humor.   With the illustrations telling more than half the story, even the youngest can follow along, and will likely soon be ‘reading’ the book to the parents!

Having just acquired a bunch of bananas, the monkey opens wide for his first bite—and a bee lands on his banana.  Monkey flicks him away.  Mad, the bee dives into the banana just as the monkey takes that first bite.  Monkey spits out the bee.  But then a lion appears and chases after the monkey.  The bee doesn’t like this and threatens the lion with his stinger.  Monkey offers the bee a banana in thanks and they soon become friends.

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