This is the Bear

This is the Bear
Sarah Hayes, Helen Craig illustrator
Harper Trophy, Harper and Row, Inc 1986

This book came out in the ‘80’s but is still a fun story about a boy’s bear who accidentally is taken to the dump!

The boy’s dog was the one responsible for pushing the bear into the garbage, so the boy and dog catch the bus to find his bear. Reluctantly a sanitation worker helps the boy look, but the bear can’t be found. Meanwhile, the bear is getting impatient and cross, until he sees his boy. Finally the dog catches a whiff of the bear, and the unhappy sanitation worker takes them home. The bear and boy clean up and go to bed. Eager for another adventure, the bear wakes the boy in the middle of the night and asks, “How soon can we have another day out?”

A simple story wrapped in rhyme, it induces quiet contemplation by the young reader on what if his favorite animal ended up at the dump. My son received this book when he was about three, and in high school took it to school to read as his favorite childhood book. It’s one of my favorites and still fun to read after all these years.

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