Tiny and the Big Dig












Tiny and the Big Dig
by Sherri Duskey Rinker, illustrated by Matt Myers
Scholastic Press, 2018

Written in playful rhyme, Tiny, a small dog with a large heart and an “I-don’t-give-up” attitude believes he smells a big bone and can dig it up.  No one, except his owner, believes small Tiny can do it.  They encourage him to give up, but Tiny just keeps on digging, because he believes in himself.  After digging up 3 other ‘bones’, but not the big one, he just keeps on digging until…he digs up the Big, Big bone.

With dirt flying in all directions and expressive faces, illustrations, in ink and watercolor, show Tiny’s intense excitement and determination to find the bone be knows is buried.  A heartwarming tale young readers will want to read again and again.

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