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Two Mice 
by Sergio Ruzzier
Clarion Books, 2015

Created for toddlers, Two Mice features two mischievous friends who set out for a full day of adventures.  Bouncing along, they discover boats and take one out for a ride.  One of the mice cleverly tricks the other to do the rowing!  They shipwreck!  But survive, until they are captured by an eagle and taken to her babies as food!  But, ever so clever, they escape.  All ends well and they return home.  Author/illustrator, Sergio Ruzzier sprinkles humor throughout the story in both words and illustrations.  Fun, freedom-seeking illustrations are beautifully done in pen and ink with soft pastels.

The beauty of this book for toddlers is that it introduces counting!  Up to three and back again! The book is small, a mere about 6”x7”, that fits perfectly in a toddler’s hands.  Two Mice is a great vehicle to encourage the child to tell the story in their own words.

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