Wait! Wait!

Wait!  Wait!
by Hatsue Nakawaki,  Illustrated by Komako Sakai
Enchanted Lion Books, 2013
originally published in 2002 by Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers, Inc., in Japan, under the title Korya Mate Mate

This illustrated story captures the essence of a toddler’s fascination and intense curiosity with life.  We watch a child when their whole world is ‘one butterfly.’  They learn ‘butterfly’ by examining one intently.  We watch the child experience a lizard.  We watch them experience a pigeon, the most common of birds—but new to them.  The story is told in thirty words, a third of which are the single word, ‘wait’, and relies on its simple drawings to show the surprise, the fascination and the joy of being in the moment, a child’s moment. A comforting story of discovery.

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