by Antoinette Portis
Neal Porter Book, Roaring Brook Press, 2015

For a book that has only 17 words, and 16 of them are hurry and wait, the book tells a touching story.  A young mother is rushing through her day to get her many duties done.  In doing so, she is pulling along her son who continually wants to stop and ‘smell the roses’ so to speak.  He wants to pet a dog, watch street workers, watch fish at a pet store, all the things so fascinating to a young child, that the mother has long forgotten their wonder.  It starts to rain.  The son wants to catch raindrops on his tongue, but the mother only wants to get in out of the rain.  Before entering the train, the boy points to the sky.  Mother stops.  She gets it.  They stand, taking a moment together, to enjoy a double rainbow.   A subtle reminder to parents to honor the wonders around them, wonders that their child may be seeing for the first time.

Lovely book with a gentle reminder.

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