When Sophie’s Feelings Are Really, Really Hurt












When Sophie’s Feelings Are Really, Really Hurt
by Molly Bang
The Blue Sky Press, 2015

A story for those who see the world differently and are sensitive to others who don’t.

Sophie loves her tree and when her teacher asks her to paint its picture, she is ever so excited to do so.  She visits the tree and studies its every feature.  The next day she paints the trunk of her tree gray, the color it is, but the color makes her sad.  That’s not how she feels about her tree.  She paints the trunk blue and she feels happy.  She paints the sky orange and makes her own color for the leaves.  One classmate declares she did it wrong—a tree isn’t blue, and the sky isn’t orange.  Sophie feels hurt.  The teacher asks Sophie to talk about her picture.  Sophie says the color blue makes her feel good and strong.  Her teacher agrees, the color makes her feel good and strong, too.  Each classmates looks at their classmate’s picture to find the special parts of each.   Feeling about her picture and her day, she affirms, “…she loves just being Sophie.”

An affirming book, reinforcing each child’s uniqueness and acceptance of others different from ourselves.

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