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You’re Here for a Reason

By Nancy Tillman
Fewel and Friends, 2015

The words are wonderful—and the illustrations send it over the top in Nancy Tillman’s latest book, You’re Here for a Reason.

Layering her message with words and illustrations, Nancy assures the reader that they are important and matter in this world.  In the first half of the book, the story opens with a boy petting an elephant on an ocean beach, with a kite flying behind him.  On the next page, the words, “Even the smallest of things that you do blossom and multiply far beyond you,” are illustrated with a boy helping the elephant cross the street, a simple act of kindness.  “A kindness may… set things in motion in different ways” directs our attention to the kite flying away.  On the next several pages, the kite brings kindness to a mother fox and her kits, a blue jay, a white weasel, and tigers.  In the second half of the book, a boy learns that life isn’t perfect, there’s good and there’s bad, and we don’t always know the big picture when things happen.  The book ends with, “I just can’t imagine a world without you.”

A lovely book with a message that goes straight to the heart.

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