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Sidewalk Flowers

by Jon Arno Lawson, illustrated by Sydney Smith
Groundwood Books, 2015

This wordless story tells a poignant story of a young girl who picks flowers growing from sidewalk cracks when on a walk with her father in the city.  While the father is distracted with his own thoughts, she plucks flowers from each and every nook and cranny where there happens to be a flower.  With an armful of flowers, she begins to gift animals and people small bouquets of flowers to bring joy and cheer to their day.  Lose pen and ink sketches and spots of bright colors highlight the girl and the flowers she gathers.  Its rich visual details illustrate many side stories a youngster can point out and talk about.

I usually don’t review wordless stories, but this one had a subtle fascination and several surprises that held my interest all the way through.  This book leaves a lot of room for the child to create their own stories.

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