A Hat for Mrs. Goldman, A Story about Knitting and Love













A Hat for Mrs. Goldman, A Story about Knitting and Love

by Michelle Edwards, illustrated by G. Brian Karas
Schwartz & Wade Books, 2016

An endearing story, masterfully told.  A good read for a cold day snuggle under the blankets

Sophia and Mrs. Goldman make knitted hats.  Sophia, who tried to learn how to knit last year, makes pom-poms for the hats Mrs. Goldman knits.   Ever generous, Mrs. Goldman gives away the hats off her own head to keep others warm.  Sophia worries Mrs. Goldman will get sick.  At last she decides to knit her a hat.  She works on it night and day and when it is done it is bumpy and lumpy and holey!  She can’t give it to Mrs. Goldman, it looks like a monster and will scare Mrs. Goldman’s dog.  She thinks and thinks until at last her heart grows bigger and lighter, like a balloon.  She knows exactly what to do to complete the hat for Mrs. Goldman.

Illustrator G. Brian Karas captures the struggles Sophia experiences and how she works though them to show her love to Mrs. Goldman.

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