A New School Year, Stories in Six Voices












A New School Year, Stories in Six Voices
by Sally Derby, illustrated by Mika Song
Charlesbridge Publishing, 2017

Author Sally Derby uses short poems in an in-depth look into many of the emotions of ‘starting a new school year’.  This book looks at six children, one each in kindergarten through fifth grade, as they progress through the phases: The Night Before, In the Morning, At School and After School.

From “hiding Bear’s blue jacket in a pocket” for security, to worrying that “nobody will like me” each child has their own fears and their own voice.  Zach, first grade, worries, “Last year I knew everything…/Now I have to learn everything/ all over again./ What if I make a mistake?”  Jackie, third grade, grateful her family didn’t move, she hopes her teacher won’t think, “…it’s a big bother/ having me in her room/ a whole hour before school starts/ so Mama can catch the bus to work.”

A wonderful, easy-to-read collection of ‘new school year’ stories kids will relate to.

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