A Symphony of Cowbells












A Symphony of Cowbells
by Heather Preusser, Illustrated by Eileen Ryan Ewen
Sleeping Bear Press, 2017

Through heartwarming, Swiss-style illustrations and lots of clanging and jangling, readers take a trip to the Swiss Mountains.  This is best appreciated when read aloud.

Petra’s favorite cow, Elfi, wore the most booming brass bell of all the cows, but one morning the brass bell was missing.  To stay on their schedule of moving the herd to spring pastures, the family decided Elfi would have to do without, but Elfi wanted nothing to do with that idea and wouldn’t budge.  The family found a small bell, which Elfi snorted at. Without the big brass bell, the herd was “out of tune” and the entire herd would not move!  Petra had to find the big bell.  The next day she noticed a crow carrying a shiny object.  Figuring this was a clue, she chased down the crow.  Unable to reach the crow’s nest, she enlisted the help of family and neighbors and, indeed, there was the bell, along with many other missing items!  With the herd in harmony again, they moved up to the spring pastures.

The illustrations join the words to make a great family read aloud.

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