By Anna Pignataro
Little Bee Books, 2015
Originally published in Australia

This is a book on ‘being different’ told primarily through illustrations.

In the opening page we see her parents are a bear and a pig, but because they look so happy together, we quickly overlook their differences.  While words said, “she didn’t quite fit in,” she looked like she fit in okay.  When it was her turn to share her one special quality, she was so embarrassed she hid.  When she came out, each of the others shared a special quality they saw in her.  The story ended when someone shared the universal truth that applies to everyone, “No one else is a better Agatha than you!”  First published in Australia, the expressive drawings accented with simple colors provides a subtle message that being unique is special and a good thing.  The drawings are so expressive, each child will find a character they can relate to.

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