All My Stripes, A Story of Children with Autism

StripesAll My Stripes, A Story of Children with Autism
by Shaina Rudolph and Danielle Royer, illustrated by Jennifer Zivoin
Magination Press, 2015

An empowering story about Zach who learns to feel proud of all his many different stripes, including the one about autism that makes him ‘different’ from everyone else.

The story shows Zach in situations typical for many children with Autism:  he feels unable to talk to others, even when he has something to say; he has strong reactions to loud sounds; he has reactions to paint on his hooves (fingers).  His mother points out all the good qualities (other stripes) and Zach understands his Autism is just one part of him.

The illustrations by Jennifer Zivoin do an excellent job of highlighting Zach’s emotions.  They welcome and empower the reader.   It was the illustrations that initially attracted me to the book.

I recommend this book for all children.  The afterwards cites one out of every 68 children is born with autism.  The book will help those without autism to understand and accept the differences in others.

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