And What If I Won’t?

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And What If I Won’t?

By Maureen Fergus, illustrated by Qin Leng
Owlkids Books, 2015

A cleverly funny story featuring one boy’s vivid imagination.

Mom asks her son to put his plate in the sink.  He asks, What if I won’t?  She says she would tell him that’s rude.  The boy asks what if he threw it across the room.  She says he would have to clean up the mess.  What if I made the kitchen a bigger mess?  Back and forth the two go, using wilder and wilder situations to make things worse and worse.  When he ends up on a foreign planet and even the aliens send him back home, it all returns back to the mother and son together and she says she’d ask him to put his plate in the sink.

A rollicking fun read kids will love!

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