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Ask Me
by Bernard Waber, illustrated by Suzy Lee
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015

A loving story of a young girl and her father.

On a long walk, a young girl asks her father, “Ask me what I like.”  He does so, and she shares her likes, which range from dogs, to geese in the sky, to lightning bugs.  Then she asks him to ask her again, and he does.  And so they wander through the day, she requesting a new question and sharing what she finds interesting.  Their long walk ends with the father tucking her into bed with a goodnight kiss, making it a perfect bedtime book.

The bright and ‘moving’ illustrations by Suzy Lee, are as light and gentle as the conversation.  Ask Me is a true joy to read over and over to savor the beauty of a day.

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