Baby Wren and the Great Gift












Baby Wren and the Great Gift
by Sally Lloyd-Jones, illustrated by Jen Corace
Zonderkidz, 2016

A sweet, thoughtful book about a baby wren alone in the canyon who learns of her talent and its importance in her world.

Written as a poem, with repetition for the young ones, the baby wren wonders why he couldn’t dive like the kingfisher, or why he couldn’t do cartwheels like a ring-tailed cat, or why he couldn’t swim like the sunfish.  But she soon learns that when she quietly watched the canyon turn pink for a very long time,

…what she saw couldn’t fit inside her
it bumped into her heart
it dazzled in her eyes
…until with all her tiny might
[she] sang
by herself
a song.

And so she learns that her song is wonderful and bigger than the whole canyon!

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