Be Kind

Be Kind
Pat Zietlow Miller, illustrated by Jen Hill
Roaring Book Press, 2018

Pat Zietlow Miller is an excellent writer of what goes on inside.  In Be Kind, we meet a girl who witnesses Tanisha spilling grape juice on her brand new dress.  While her classmates laugh, the girl tries to think of ways to be kind.  She makes an attempt, but Tanisha runs off.  She thinks of other kind things she could say, but she wasn’t sure.

The girl imagines many ways to be kind to others, some of them difficult to do, like sticking up for someone who is being bullied. After all these ideas, she decides that maybe the best thing to do is sit by Tanisha in art class and paint a picture for her.

Written in first person, readers quickly take ownership of what they might do if they wanted to be kind to someone.  Be Kind expands ideas of being kind, how being kind impacts others, and can be used to launch a discussion on kindness. Be Kind is a gentle, loving story.

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