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Blue on Blue
by Dianne White, illustrated by Beth Krommes
Beach Lane Books, 2014

Beth Krommes’ rich illustrations, done on scratchboard and watercolor, and Dianne White’s sparse, moving poem take readers through both the joy and misery of a rainstorm on a farm.

The story opens on a sunny day, but the weather patterns soon begin to change:
Clouds swell.
Winds blow bolder
Weather changes.
Air grows colder.

Each page is detailed with shadows and highlights depicting the emotions weather can arouse in a child.  From being frightened and hiding under bedcovers, to sitting and waiting for the rain to stop, readers will relate to being trapped inside.  Children unfamiliar with farm life learn how farm animals endure the monotony of rain and wet.  As the rain slowly recedes and the sun pushes aside the clouds, one can almost smell the after-storm freshness of a good rain.  Blue on Blue is a sensory delight.

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