Boodil My Dog

Boodil My Dog
by Pija Lindenbaum (Sweden)
translated by Gabrielle Charbonnet
Henry Holt and Company, 1992

A hilarious and delightful read, Boodil’s owner is proud of her “perfect”, “protective” and “brilliant” bull terrier, but the illustrations tell us just the opposite.

The book opens with “This is Boodil, my dog. She’s sleeping in her favorite chair. My dad used to think it was his chair but he knows better now.” What we see is a chair with a blanket covering it, with the tip of a dog’s nose poking out from beneath the blanket. The next page says, “Her guard is never down.” And Boodil is asleep on the chair, offering her belly and so relaxed, her head almost reaches the floor, not exactly the pose of a guard dog. Each page shows absurd juxtaposition of illustrations and text. Written and illustrated by Pija Lindenbaum, Stockholm Sweden; Gabrielle Charbonnet translated this delightful story. Out of print, but available at many libraries and on Amazon.

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