Charlotte and the Quiet Place












Charlotte and the Quiet Place

by Deborah Sosin, illustrated by Sara Woolley
Plum Blossom Books, 2015

Everywhere Charlotte goes, it is noisy.  At home, in her neighborhood, at school.  It is even noisy at the library and park, where it’s supposed to be quiet.  All she wants is a quiet place.  One day her dog goes after a squirrel, breaks away and runs deep into a grove.  They sit down to rest and Charlotte gets in touch with her breathing and becomes mindful of the quiet.  She finds a quiet place, deep within her belly.  She eventually leaves the park, but takes her quiet place with her.  Where ever she is, no matter how noisy or quiet, she can think of her quiet place, feel its pleasures and shut out the noisy world around her.  Perfect for the introvert, the quiet child who needs to be in touch with their quiet place, and the rambunctious child that needs a quiet place to rest.

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