Don’t Throw It to Mo!













Don’t Throw It to Mo!

by David A. Adler, illustrated by Sam Ricks
Penguin Young Readers

This Level 2 Progressive Reader book will enthrall and bring a cheer to any young football lover.

Mo loves football, his mom even gets him out of bed by throwing him a ‘long throw’. Mo is the smallest player on the Robins football team and primarily warms the bench.  One day, playing a game against the Jays, his coach butters up a football and tosses it to Mo.  Of course, it falls to the ground.  He does this several time while the game is going on.  Then the coach tells Mo to wash his hands, and tells Mo to ‘go deep’; he tells the other players ‘don’t throw the ball to Mo.’  When Mo runs deep, the Jay player guarding him, who had seen Mo’s butterfingers, knows this small kid is no threat.  Mo is send out the second time.  The third time, the last play of the game, when the Robins are losing, the coach asks for the same play, but this time the team is to throw it to Mo.  Of course, you can guess the Jays didn’t believe Mo to be a threat and Mo makes a touchdown. Football players will love it!

This book is ideal for reluctant readers who like sports.

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