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Down Here
by Valerie Sherrard, illustrated by Isabelle Malenfant
Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 2015

Jamie can build anything, but while his brother and sister get compliments for their talents, Jamie only gets, “Look at this mess.”  Inside Jamie’s latest creation he rockets to the moon, builds a tricky maze no one can enter and invites his dragon to roast marshmallows, but his mother calls it, “Chaos!  Pandemonium!”  Jamie climbs a table to see what his mother sees and realizes from up high it really is a mess.  Then he gets an idea and invites her “Down here” to see what he sees.  Reluctantly she bends over and looks, then sits down as her eyes get bigger and bigger.  What does she see?  Jamie, a creative hero, figures out himself how to change his world to get the outcome he craves.  An empowering tale for young, creative spirits.

Illustrator Isabelle Malenfant mixes mediums to create a poetic and sensitive portrayal of Jamie’s world.

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