Drawn Together

Drawn Together
by Mihn Le, illustrated by Dan Santat
Disney Hyperion, 2018

A boy visits his grandfather and they sit in silence, as one speaks Vietnamese and the other English.  Finally, the boy pulls out his art materials and creates a superhero figure.  Grandfather sees what he is doing and next to the boy’s caped superhero emblazoned in color, grandfathers creates a detailed black ink drawing of a Vietnamese warrior. Suddenly they communicate—through their art.  Each one’s imagination adds to the other, the boys in color, the grandfathers in black ink. They create their new world, building a closeness, until… that old distance comes between them. But, having bridged their gap, they find a way to love one another.

A beautiful story of a relationship built on mutually shared gifts.  Santat’s breathtaking, detailed art flushes out Le’s story bringing a compounded richness to each page.

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