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Duck on a Tractor

by David Shannon
The Blue Sky Press, 2016

Rich with colors and shenanigans, the animals pull one over on the townspeople in this hilarious story of the duck who drives a tractor through town.

Imagine a big, bold red tractor, driven by a small duck whose wings drive like they were arms.  Imagine this duck kicking the tires, to check them out.  Surprised it rumbled when he turned the shiny metal by the steering wheel, he shouted, “Climb on, everybody!”  The dog up first, then the cow and pigs, each having their own thoughts about the big red tractor.  Driving by the diner, everyone stops and stares, each sharing their own inside thoughts about what they see.  Until Farmer O’Dell realizes it’s his tractor, and they all run out and chase it.  But when the people reach it, the animals are gone.

You’ll have to find out what happened and enjoy each character’s banter about the big red tractor.  The illustrations are bold, bright, and full of character; readers can read each character’s thoughts before they read the words.  This book is perfect for read alouds and just plain silliness.  Written/illustrated by award-winning David Shannon.

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